the volcano series 2005-2007  

Begun in New Hampshire in the summer of 2005, the two-dimensional works in the Volcano Series combine large painted or photographic renderings of observed creek boulder forms with much smaller gouache, ink, or oil pastel overdrawings of volcanoes.  Possible relationships between the volcanoes and the boulders range from image to image, including: graffiti and substrate, footnote and main text, daydream and reality, cataclysmic and ordinary time, or prehistoric past and present-day results.  By turns comical and dramatic, the paintings ask the viewer to process contrasting landscape, perspective, and scale information simultaneously, and to reflect on painterly and scientific modes of representing the natural world.

Meanwhile, the volcanoes’ exhalations can be read as expressions of the Zen idea of no-thought, as revelations of suchness or of previously unknown things.