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  bodyspaces (issue 12), september 2007:    
  found space   suits  
flight patterns of empty energy
  by Matthew Keeney     by Richard Metz  
by Megan Jacobs
editor's note:

If last issue's bulk made it a Roidrat, then this one's the Skinniest Rat on the Block. No worries: there's still plenty of good stuff to ruminate on, this time loosely organized around the human body in space, or as space. Like some deadpan Burrowing Engineer, Matthew Keeney squeezes his body into unused strips, holes, and cubbies of city space. On the backs of gleeful Suit wearers, Richard Metz launches his pantheon of anxious gods into Chelsea galleries. And Megan Jacobs takes poetic, precise measure of what the Buddha called "this fathom long body with its mind."

How much room is there between the edge of those stairs and that railing? What happens in a schwanky gallery when twelve live bodies wearing feral paintings show up? What is the water volume of two bodies poured together, and how long would that take to evaporate completely? For answers to these and other hard-to-ask questions, look no further, O esteemed readers...