postcard myths(2011): artist's statement  
The Postcard Myths are built on stages of old postcards, populated by creatures who bridge gaps between human and animal, indoors and outdoors, now and a long time ago. I'm working on small local farms this Spring and Summer: Sunrise Farm in Whte River Junction (VT), Blue Ox Farm in Enfield (NH), Bunten Family Farm in Orford (NH), and Cedar Circle Farm in Thetford (VT). Those experiences have definitely infuenced this work: you'll see young seedlings coming bravely up through dusty palace floors, and people in listening dialogue with animals. (You'll also see a number of smirky birds, but the farms don't have anything to answer for, on that front.) Like the Rider Diptychs (which share some of the same cast of characters), these images play with shallow & deep pictorial space, and with landscape as a setting for improvised narratives. I'd like to project these images to room-size, offering viewers and their shadows the possibility of entering these gateway spaces.