Handmade Books

I've always loved reading books, and so my first experience of actually making books - a book arts class at Georgia State with JoAnn Paschall and Berwyn Hung - was a real revelation. Ever since then, I have been making books. The ones I've got listed on this page are examples of my current blank book line. I cut the covers from poplar or oak boards, then sand and smooth them. The covers are ornamented in one of two ways: I either wax them and stencil on oil-painted designs, or I cover them with cut-paper designs, some of them cut from hand-painted paper I make in my studio. The pages are made of Arches Lightweight, a beautiful acid-free paper, and sewn with Irish linen thread.

The books on this page (& others like them) are available directly from me. I am also available to create custom-commissioned books for your journal, album, or other book ideas. Please contact me with any inquiries.

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