rider diptychs (2010)  

I sometimes have dreams of friendship-to-come with big predators - first, a lion, then a wolf, a bear, a tiger cub. The animals show up (in the middle of a city), or they are coming (walking on a dark river at night), and I know I need to make room for them.  This will mean turning away from some old habits and collective agreements – in the way that I understand Rilke when he writes: "You must change your life." (http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/archaic-torso-of-apollo/)

The Rider Diptychs enact scenarios from the friendships these dreams propose, using woman-animal rider pairs to represent the bond of joint purpose.  A woman riding a bear emerges from two different doorways, traveling opposite seemingly lost groups of parade heralds on a circuitous path.  A lone woman rides a wolf, while on the other side of the world a crusade ship sets sail for murder.  Throughout the series, silhouettes of large hands in teaching or warning gestures seem to comment on the paintings' implied narratives.

In form and content, the cut paper figures in these paintings reference the Scherenschnitt cut-paper tradition of my native Switzerland, whose artists often depict pastoral scenes of humans and animals in harmony.  The paintings’ pictorial juxtapositions of precision and chaos echo the intuitive landscape of the dream-world which inspires them.

Orford, October 2010

Ma Durga Diptych, 2010
Golden Rider/München Rider Diptych, 2010
Wolfwoman Diptych, 2010
Bearqueen Diptych, 2010
Procession Diptych, 2010
Domestic Diptych, 2010
Herders Diptych, 2010
Four Walkers Diptych, 2010
Meeting Diptych, 2010
Messenger Diptych, 2010  
Winter Diptych, 2011  
All diptychs are made of painted and printed cut paper and acrylic on paper, and are 22x60."