100 Names Project, Phase One  

[excerpt from artist's statement, April 2001]

This project began with a simple dream: I saw myself in a white room, building a little shrine, and then setting a lighted candle on top of it. When I woke I knew the meaning of the dream was that I should set about making shrines which would honor different names of That Which Is, or aspects of being. I would distribute them throughout the city: there would be 100 of them and together they would be like a litany or a pilgrimage. Each shrine would be a celebration of daily life in the city, in its diverse forms & occupations.

With the welcome of downtown neighbors who have agreed to host the Names and the collaboration of artist friends at Georgia State University, the 100 Names Project has taken on a life of its own. It will continue to evolve in unpredictable ways as individual pieces are added to, moved & altered; and as stories and ideas travel from person to person & place to place along the 100 Names’ route.

Your participation in walking and following the map of this thin thread through the city is the light upon the shrines.

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