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...the website of artist Julie Püttgen. I hope this finds you well, and enjoying your travels through the world of wonder and infinite distraction we call the internet. How long has it been since you took a deep belly breath & checked in with your heart, butt and feet? Now might be a good time? Ah! I feel better, too.

The mandala above is from Borobodur, on the island of Java, in Indonesia. I found colored cloth in all the colors of the 5 directions on the beach in Bali, and cut it into small pieces I gave to people as they traveled around the vast 3D mandala of Borobudur Temple. Many people accepted these small gifts, entered into conversation, and lent images of their beautiful hands to this project. Of course, it helped a lot that many of the schoolkids in Indonesia are assigned to practice English with a foreigner. Perfect! We all wanted the same things.


Shop & Studio Sale:

Julie Püttgen Studio will be holding a Studio Sale and Inner Beauty Trunk Show, online and in Lebanon, NH, December 4-7th. Mark your calendars! Some of my paintings & works on paper are also currently available for sale, here.


Upcoming & Ongoing Classes & Workshops:

Encaustic Painting Evening Classes, at Julie Püttgen Studio (Lebanon, NH). These sessions meet Thursday evenings, from 7:30 to 9:30PM, by appointment. We will carry on through mid-October, or as long as it's not too cold to paint with the windows wide open. Richly tactile, versatile and rewarding, encaustic painting offers new possibilities to experienced and beginning artists. Class topics will include paint application, including scribing, pouring, layering & glazing; working with opaque, translucent, and transparent colors; additive and reductive surfaces; textural elements; preparation of diverse painting supports; collage; and incorporation of found objects. Limit: 3 participants per session. Fee: $50 per session, per person, for two or more participants; or $90/session, for individual instruction. To register, please contact me.


Drawing Hands, at AVA (Lebanon, NH). Saturday, October 25th, 1-5PM. Explore the language of "mudras,"—symbolic or ritual Buddhist hand gestures—while gaining confidence in drawing hands. We will concentrate on rerouting and relaxing the critical mind and training our eyes, as we spend the day together in the Land of Hands. Fee: $90 non-members, $65 AVA members. Please click here to go to AVA's online registration page for this class.


Collaboration and Connection at AVA (Lebanon, NH). Six Tuesday evenings, 6-9PM, beginning November 4th. We will explore collaborative art-making as a means of building trust—in our own creative processes, in the possibility of meaningful connection with others, and in the power of deep listening as the ground from which startling, original answers arise. Drawing, painting, journaling, and dialogue will be our main media of inquiry. All are welcome, from very experienced painters wanting to find new freshness in their work to beginning students looking to build their courage and confidence. No previous experience with painting or collaboration is required. Sign up with a friend, child, or significant other for a beautiful opportunity to work together. Or sign up on your own, and look forward to meeting new kindred spirits. Fee: $200 non-members, $175 AVA members, or $300 to register with a friend. Please click here to go to AVA's online registration page for this class.


Basic Drawing at AVA (Lebanon, NH). Eight Thursday evenings, 6:30-9PM, beginning January 18th. This introduction to observational drawing focuses on line, shape, value, and spatial perception, honing our ability to see clearly as we bring the three-dimensional world to the two-dimensional page in satisfying and surprising ways. During the final three classes, we will explore drawing from a live model. Think you can’t draw? Haven’t drawn in years? This is the class for you. Fee: $285 non-members, $260 AVA members. Please click here to go to AVA's online registration page for this class.


Meditation and Art at AVA (Lebanon, NH). Two-day intensive, March 7th & 8th, 9:30-4:30. This weekend workshop will explore intuitive connections between contemplative practice (sitting and walking meditation) and creative practice (drawing, sculpting, moving, writing). Throughout the weekend, we will alternate periods of meditation with periods of open-ended creative exploration. Working individually and as a group, we will move towards “finding the deeper grain”—opening to the place of stillness and wild possibility at the heart of being fully alive and creative. Fee: $225 non-members, $200 AVA members. Please click here to go to AVA's online registration page for this class.


I also offer private lessons for adults, teens, and children on an ongoing basis. Please check venue websites for class details, or contact me for information about private lessons.



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