[April, 2014]

Welcome to Turtlenosedsnake. I hope this finds you well, and enjoying your travels through the world of wonder and infinite distraction we call the internet. How long has it been since you took a deep belly breath & checked in with your heart, butt and feet? Now might be a good time? Ah! I feel better, too.

Who ever knows what will come next? While I was in Scotland last Fall, I made a series of lithographs of the mudras of the directional Buddhas at Edinburgh Printmakers. Originally, the images grew out of my meditation practice & interest in bringing traditional Buddhist visual forms to life. These five images have become a starting point for 108 Names of Now, a collaboration I am working on with my brilliant friend Elana Langer.

The weekend after Thanksgiving, including of course Black Friday, we deployed the first-ever incarnation of the Pop-Up Inner Beauty Bar & Spa, in White River Junction, VT, featuring a full menu of non-products, inner beauty elixirs, and collaborative treatments. It kind of flickered between Temple, Lemonade Stand, Bazaar, and Kindgdom of God on Earth. More of that, soon, including an Inner Beauty Tour this summer.

Some of my paintings & works on paper are available for sale, here.

Ready for a fun fact? Here is an article from National Geographic Traveler about my time studying thangka painting at the Thangde Gatsal School in Himachal Pradesh.


The next classes I'll be teaching are:

Portable Shrine Workshop, at Craft Studies @ the League of NH Craftsmen (Hanover, NH). This will be a one-day intensive, April 12th from 9:30 to 4:30 PM. Create a portable shrine to be used in daily life, as a reminder of your true heart’s intentions. Our workshop will feature guided meditation, group discussion, collaboration, and hands-on work with different processes and materials, including: drawing, painting, book arts, small-scale clay sculpture, and sewing. You will work playfully together to develop personal iconography and explore the possibilities of devotional, mindful crafting. Come prepared to be surprised! You will mostly bring your own materials.

Me and My Beast, at AVA (Lebanon, NH). This will be a two-day intensive, May 3rd & 4th from 10:30 to 4:30 PM each day. What does your Inner Beast look like? How do the wild and untamed parts of your being relate to the parts of you that are more socially acceptable? Taking Allen Ginsberg's epic poem "The Lion for Real" as a starting point, we will develop a self-portrait diptych: one panel for Me and one panel for My Beast. Come explore self-identity in a playful, enlightening way.

Contemplative Creativity Workshop, at Craft Studies @ the League of NH Craftsmen (Hanover, NH). This will be a one-day intensive, May 10th from 9:30 to 4:30 PM. This one-day workshop explores intuitive connections between contemplative practice (sitting & walking meditation) and creative practice (drawing, sculpting, moving, writing). You will alternate periods of meditation and periods of open-ended creative exploration. Working individually and as a group, you will move towards “finding the deeper grain”—opening to the place of stillness and wild possibility at the heart of being fully alive and creative. You will mostly bring your own materials.

Drawing Hands, at AVA (Lebanon, NH). This will be a one-day intensive, May 17th from 12 to 4 PM. Explore the language of "mudras," symbolic or ritual Buddhist hand gestures, while gaining confidence in drawing hands. We will concentrate on re-routing and relaxing the critical mind and training our eyes, as we spend the day together in the Land of Hands.


I also offer private lessons for adults, teens, and children on an ongoing basis. Please check venue websites for class details, or contact me for information about private lessons.